Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Given the continuing saga of the Gulf oil spill, news of dead zones and deceptive conduct by BP officials, and our helplessness in the face of catastrophe, perhaps we are at least due a moment of comic relief:

Credit: Nina Paley @ Voluntary Human Extinction

A special hat tip to our friend and rhyming
amphibian … (drum roll) … finefroghair.


  1. Suggested reading. 'The World Without Us' by Alan Weisman, 2007.

    In a nutshell. We won't be missed and the world will heal.

    Couldn't put it down.

  2. I have that book. There was also a TV series about the earth after people. Very eerie, but on the grand scale of the universe - absolutely nothing matters. We're far too unstable and not nearly smart enough to survive. In a few million years, there will all sorts of new species filling the niches we eradicated.


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