Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mr. Cruz goes to Washington

My nonagenarian father has been having problems keeping his blood pressure up.  I suggested watching Ted Cruz reading Dr. Suess.  Perhaps I should have titled this Green Eggs and Spam, but all in all, it really isn't funny. No attempt by a bought and paid for, zealot for hire to block the democratic process with endless impassioned idiocy is really funny.  Unfortunately it isn't rare or unique any more.

But if you're feeling calm or tranquil and even happy with life
If the day is fair and sky is blue
And that bothers you
I've just the thing you'll want to view:


  1. I don’t like that Cruz-I-Lose
    I do not like him on the Tube
    I do not like him
    He’s a boob.

    I don’t like him on the floor
    I don’t like him, he’s a whore
    I do not like him here or there.
    I do not like him ANYWHERE!

    I'd like to see him shit his pants
    I'd like to feed him to the ants.
    I do not like that Cruz-I-Lose

    1. Captain..."He’s a boob. disparage a part of the female anatomy that I have appreciated since puberty. If you would be so kind and do a rewrite...I am sure you can find a rhyme for asshole if you try....or maybe hemorrhoid. otherwise...nice job.

    2. I'm sort of too old to think of a breast when I hear that word. For some reason, what was baby talk in my day is now official. Maybe there's such a thing as living too long?

      But no, I can't find a rhyme so I have to let it stand.

  2. It appears that the GOP big wigs are the ones who are soiling their undies over Cruz-I-Lose's one-man wrecking crew. I say let the guy do his thing. The GOP deserves him and all the damage he can bring to their whacked-out pols.

  3. Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert 2016. It would be "America's Greatest Comedy Act."

    You all should be cheering for these loonoes. They will ultimately accomplish more to bring about the demise of a once great party than progressoves ever could.

  4. Man, if Cruz survives this humiliation, this video is going to produce some hilarious campaign spots against him in the future.

  5. That Green Eagle is most certainly true beyond the shawdow of a doubt.

    For those who actually value the idea of a two party system in which both parties have substance and ethics this is A pathetically sad and unfortunate sight to behold.

  6. That's quite a summer reading list you have there Ted! Good job. Now sit down and let the other children have their turn.

    1. I think we should invite them all to read from their favorite children's books - but give them a room of their own while the adults get down to business.


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