Monday, March 3, 2014

From My Crystal Ball

How long did that take?


  1. Not long. There may even be a computer somewhere that writes these things without human intervention. It would be easy to do. He's weak and he's a tyrant -- double your pleasure, double your fun. It's like selling bubble gum and about as meaningful.

  2. boy oh boy...that old Lindsey Graham.... he sure knows what he is talking about...." If I were President...." course, that is a pretty easy thing for him to say,see, as he has got about much chance of being Pretzeldint as Oral Roberts does of ever getting laid again. But it did bring to mind a song....

    If I were King of the Forest, Not queen, not duke, not prince.
    My regal robes of the forest, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.
    I'd command each thing, be it fish or fowl.
    With a woof and a woof and a royal growl - woof.
    As I'd click my heel, all the trees would kneel.
    And the mountains bow and the bulls kowtow.
    And the sparrow would take wing - If I - If I - were King!
    Each rabbit would show respect to me.
    The chipmunks genuflect to me.
    Though my tail would lash, I would show compash
    For every underling!
    If I - If I - were King!
    Just King!

    ...well, maybe if he can register enough chipmunks and sparrows and rabbits....

    1. All is not found either. I wish confusion on our enemies, but mostly because we have so much of it ourselves, we're choking on it.

  3. Yes Captain, the obvious contradiction does seem escapes the programmed automatons.


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