Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Kraut is out?

I'd hate to sound like I'm supporting or dignifying Charles Krauthammer, but he's right in saying that it's time for the Right Wing Wolves to stop howling about Benghazi. The administration has run out the clock and the public doesn't care, he said on Fox News.  Of course the public has moved on to other ruminations about other obsessive speculations driven by the relentless cable news networks which haven't yet tired of the "we know nothing, we have no facts but here's what could have happened"  approach to a missing airplane.  

Of course the implication is that the White House simply stalled until the furor died down and makes no mention of  the Republicans having cut security for the embassy in Libya.  The clock keeps running of course whether or not the Fox Fables have any truth behind them, and this one had little enough, but heresy is heresy whether or not we can prove the age of the universe or the rising temperature of our planet.  Can Krauthammer redeem himself before those wolves tear him to pieces?

 The Heritage Foundation, was shocked, shocked at his comments. The Malkin's website Hot Air blames him for "throwing in the towel on a fact-finding effort because it’s not politically expedient?" even though numerous investigations turned up nothing to corroberate the accusations.  No, this is right wing politics and just as with Right Wing Religion; even if it's over -- long over, it's not over ever.  The World was created by a deity 6000 years ago,  Bill Clinton ruined the economy and committed nebulous sins, Barack Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya and a Communist and Joe McCarthy's blank piece of paper really contained a list of Communists in the Administration.

So maybe the illusion of Karma gets a bit more support when a wolf  tries to advise the pack for its own good and they turn on him, yelping and howling BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI!  Whether or not his creepy credibility suffers, I have to think it's funny.


  1. From the title of this post, The Kraut is Out, one might conclude from this Wortspiele that the slang word ‘Kraut’ refers to persons of German extraction. To clear up any confusion, the Krauthammer family emigrated from France and later settled in Montreal. Charles received an Orthodox Jewish upbringing, in his own words:

    I know what it is to be a Jew. There’s a difference between being nominally Jewish or sentimentally Jewish and being grounded in Jewish learning” (source).

    What he means is that some Jews are more equal than others. A shared heritage will never apply to me because your intrepid Octopus is nominal and sentimental but will never quite rise to the level of true blue. How foolish of me to think all paisans stick together when the word ‘Jew’ no longer rhymes with the word ‘glue.’

    In Krauthammer’s lexicon, ‘true blue’ actually means “purebred red” because, if anything, Krauthammer is the most unrelenting dog whistle in the land; so partisan, in fact, he will not even criticize members of his own party for biased remarks, such as:

    GOPer John ‘Witless’ Whitbeck – That was the bill from the Last Supper; or …

    This comment on the RNC Facebook Page: Al Qaeda “is 100% state sponsored by Zionist Jews.”

    In other words, Krauthammer is more “purebred red” than “true blue” in turning a blind eye to misplaced or blatant anti-Semitism within the ranks of his own party.

    It is not the ‘J’ in the word Jew that concerns but the ‘J’ in the word judgmental, because Krauthammer will say anything to call attention to himself, and I can never take him at his word no matter what he says.

    Now his party apparatchik have turned on him in an orgy of groupthink. How ironic.

  2. In much of Florida and elsewhere in Dixie, it rhymes with "me too" and when it comes to thinking old Krautboy is a hate-filled pusbag -- me too.

  3. Here is another bone of contention I have with Dr. Krauthammer:

    Dr. Krauthammer also worries about Obama’s psychology. He’s called Obama a “narcissist,” and he tells me that matters …

    As a trained psychiatrist, Krauthammer should know - more than anyone else - about the ethics of engaging in pop psychology on a public stage. It is patently unethical and offensive to abuse the ethics of a profession that frowns upon making clinical judgments outside of a clinical setting … especially the use of referent authority to take a cheap partisan potshot. Here is the rest of Dr. Krauthammer’s quote:

    He’s the least experienced, least-known president probably in the history of the United States. ... If you’re coming in as a novice, you ought to have some humility in deciding where you want to go and take the country.”

    Please note: There is nothing in this statement that even comes close to meeting the criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), roughly summarized as follows:

    People with narcissistic personality disorder often display snobbish, disdainful, grandiose, patronizing or judgmental attitudes. For example, a narcissist may accuse others of “rudeness” or “stupidity” or condemn a person with a condescending medical evaluation by asserting that such an opinion is authoritative.

    As you can see, if anyone comes close to meeting these criteria for narcissism, it is Dr. Krauthammer himself.

  4. Projection fits the pattern, doesn't it? Lincoln was probably less experienced but why bother to refute the Kraut's ravings. If Obama is snobbish, disdainful, grandiose or patronizing it's only in the eyes of a megalomaniac afraid anyone will exceed his own snobbishness and condescension.

    What's that old saying? Physician go fuck thyself?

  5. Is there an occupational hazard within the ranks of psychiatric profession?


  6. Perhaps there's also such a thing with Opthalmologists - look at Halfass Al Assad's kid Bashar.


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