Tuesday, May 16, 2017

He's a Big Boy Now

"I did it and I'm glad," a high school friend used to say as an act of high school bravado against the unsympathetic faculty attitude toward our antics.  We long since grew up and perhaps are no longer so proud of certain deeds of what we saw as the resistance.  Our "business man" in chief seems to be similarly proud not only of his flaunting of  prior norms and practices, but of his ability to get away with things otherwise criminal because of  his Presidential status.

Donald Trump is 70 and not 17 and his pranks don't involve eggs or rolls of toilet paper or even detergent in the town fountain, but Armies and rockets and nuclear weapons.  Loose lips sink ships and so do loose cannons. Loose commitments to truth brag about sending armadas North and order them to steam South: they brag about reducing debt while borrowing trillions and about achieving greatness for us while achieving immense wealth for himself.  Loose lips screech and rant about leaks and secrets and serve them up with Beluga on toast and vodka on ice to our enemies.

Trump used to tell us the world was laughing at us under Obama, who had much respect around the world and doesn't seem to know or acknowledge that they've now stopped laughing at him and started building fallout shelters. The most chilling laughs I've seen were those of the Russian spymasters  mocking the US reporters as they and Tass film crews entered the closed door meeting with the swaggering, boasting buffoon. Lavrov's smile was the Russian Bear remembering a hundred years of pent up frustration and hate and anticipating long-awaited revenge.

I did it and I can get away with it, thinks Trump. Look at me, I'm the president now.


  1. I can't believe this story about TASS reporters in the WH while U.S. press was disbarred. Un-fucking-believable. How could it even be true? Even for a demon like Trump? How could anyone be that out-of-touch with reality?

    How about we offer Trump exile with asylum in the CCCP? Would they even want him in their country?

  2. It was truly humiliating to see those Russian bastards sneering at the US photographers as they turned their backs ans walked into the President's office like they owned it. Maybe they think they do. I grew up in the Red Scare days and I can't believe it either. The most disgusting part is that his supporters still support it and Fox downplays it, telling us that Obama was worse. There's a point where you start wishing for an asteroid. A big one.


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