Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Every year from November through New Year's Day, Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC presents a drive through light display complete with music (you tune in the radio), roasting marshmallows, hay rides or a carriage ride. It meanders through the park for about four miles with enough color, size and animation to warm the heart of the crustiest old Scrooge.
We usually go between Christmas and New Year's when things have slowed down and we can relax and enjoy. And every year, we seem to have someone around who has never seen the lights - this year we are taking the grandkids and probably my mother (but only if I can tape her mouth shut!)
For more information go to Tanglewood Festival of Lights.

Entry to the park.

They have the holidays covered.

Nonstop Displays!

To All A Good Night!


  1. I have mixed feelings about the elevation of Hannukah to the position of the Jewish holiday of the year and worse, a Christmas surrogate.

    Yes, the holiday celebrates a revolution that, had it not happened, would have been the end of Judaism and the basis for Christianity and Islam, but until the surviving Jews migrated to America it was never like it is today: a "me too" holiday with wrapped presents and public displays so that Jewish kids don't feel left out. It's no accident that it's the only Jewish holiday most Christians can name and there are a large number of them, some more religiously important, but they don't occur in December.

    To me, "me too" connotes second rate.

  2. I guess the inclusion of a Hannukah display IS because it is the Jewish observance that happens in December.
    When Christians celebrate Easter, somewhere near that date is Passover.
    Everyone should feel free to observe/celebrate or not whatever day they feel has significance. I celebrate my wedding anniversary but usually NOT my birthday!

  3. Hey Rocky. That remains one of the highlights of my last visit. Truly an astounding display of lightery. (Sorry Fogg, I had to make up a word for it. It's really awesome).

  4. Very, very nice, Rocky.

    Fogg - you make an interesting point & in fact I've known some Christians to also rightly point out that in fact Easter is technically the most important Christian holiday of the year - not Christmas. Perhaps Hannukah has similarly been sucked into the commercial frenzy of December - that an our well-intended pc-ness.

  5. Happy Holidays from your faithful 8pus.

  6. Libby - it is pretty spectacular isn't it?

    8pus - Right back atcha! And I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year!


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