Saturday, January 17, 2009


Much of the country is experiencing frigid, record breaking cold and the eastern US is especially hard hit. Watching the news, it seems Northerners pretty much take this in stride, but for those of us south of the Mason/ Dixon, this kind of weather is a real shock.

My water pipes partially froze last night and we were downn the single digits. I can’t remember the last time it was this cold here. The only saving grace this morning is that the sun is out and we aren’t expecting precipitation until Sunday. Which is a good thing since a couple of inches of snow usually means the highway gets closed. Of course, if Sunday’s rain turns ice, then we can listen on the scanner to the demolition derby on the surface streets.

These fountains in Myrtle Beach, SC and Atlanta, GA. respectively are testaments to the fact that is as cold as (_______________________) fill in your own comparison. Just the fact that these two fountains were running at the time they froze testifies to the fact that this weather is indeed a rarity in these parts.

We have two beagle type dogs who are “outside” dogs, mostly because they came as adult strays and were never housebroken. Last night, we laid down newspaper in the mudroom, threw down an old blanket and brought them in for the night. Amazingly they waited to “toilet” until they went back outside this morning.

We’ve been filling the bird feeder three times a day and I’m not sure if the birds or the squirrels are getting the most of it, but, hey, they all want to live. We also have woodpeckers here so we put out suet for them.

I have to go out today. I don’t want to, I’d rather stay here in my cozy little hobbit house with the woodstove crackling and cranking out all sorts of heat, but I have to. I have put off grocery shopping for several days, hoping for a rise in the temperature. Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, I guess I’ll search the attic and other nooks and crannies for a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat. Then I’ll use the remote start for my car to warm it up before I go out…

I’m sure anyone up North will read this and laugh at my whimpiness, but I hate the cold!


  1. More iciness from Rocky. You are a woman who needs spring to come!

  2. Rocky, it's so cold that I actually feel like
    listening to Rush Limbaugh. That's how desperate I am for some hot air.

  3. Down at the city morgue, you can't tell the stiffs from the guys who worked there.

  4. It was so cold ... the politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets.

  5. It was so cold yesterday I had to wear shoes.

    North is a four letter word - well at least it is in German. . .

  6. Squid - you're right, I need spring and soon. I am one of those that endure the winter best I can, but am so happy when it is over!

    8pus - with all those one liners, I think you should get Leno's job; I hate Conan O'Brien - he's not funny at all!

    Fogg - each year that goes by, I feel myslef creeping closer and closer to moving again - SOUTH!

  7. LOL. I love this thread. I hate the cold but I have to say the frozen fountains are rather lovely in their iciness.

  8. I like the fountains, too. They are rather beautiful but I'm glad it wasn't me taking those pictures. I'm sitting in my house with a roaring fire and a blanket over me.

  9. It's warm up here now - a balmy 30 degrees F. There is a wet snow falling outside that is quite beautiful.

    I voted for the man who will become president tomorrow, and will watch the inauguration with my 91 year old mother whose hair matches the snow.

    We will bask in momentary warmness.

  10. maleeper, I hope you enjoy that "balmy" weather up there and are warmed by seeing the struggle for civil rights come full circle. Seems I've been waiting my whole life for this day and although this country is still deeply in trouble, somehow it feels like it's going to get better, doesn't it? There's a new hope in this nation and I'm so glad I can be a part of it.

  11. For my part, the wildly overdone hoopla just makes me worry that we're setting him up for a big fall.

  12. Only if we ACTUALLY think of him as the Messiah as the right claims we do. I celebrate this day because there is a new guard in the White House and the country is enegized and because this is a historic first for all of us as the first African-American claims the top spot of President and because I believe he can bring us together as a nation to work together and he wants us to take part in the process. I feel like we are taking our country back - we, the people and that is as it should be.

  13. Ah, Sunday I spent in Venice Beach, California, rolled up my jeans and walked in the ocean...took off my shirt and laid propped against a palm tree...


    Returned home last night to 15 degrees temperatures and snow flurries....

    I miss the signs, "Will work for weed"

  14. Is that where I left my sign? Wondered where that got to... ;)

    TAO - 15 degrees and flurries? See, that's what you get for making those calls.

    Right now I'm trying to make some extra money so I can visit my cousin in CA; soon!


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