Monday, October 26, 2009

It's not true but it is because we know it is

No, that's not some Zen Koan, it's Rush Limbaugh. Caught being fooled by some blog with a fake Obama speech allegedly from his college years, Rush didn't apologize for his total lack of journalisticintegrity but instead called it "satire."

"You can't beat that", said Chris Matthews this evening on Hardball this evening and he's right. Rush did his usual bouncing up and down excoriating Obama for advocating massive redistribution of wealth and using as evidence a speech Obama never made. Typical Rush stuff and typical Limbaughian attempt to weasel out of it.

Humor he said, needs to have a grain of truth in it and this is humor, which of course wasn't identified as such until it became clear Rush was a victim of an amateur hoax, and that truth is provided by our inner knowledge that although Obama never ever said it he somehow has inner knowledge that Obama was thinking it - as has not been demonstrated. Get it? That's right. Rush is a mind reader and therefore can be excused for denouncing someone for something he never said or did. You can't beat that and since we know Rush is a Satan worshipping prophet of the Auntie-Christ who eats cute puppies, has sex with dead goats, is an admirer and homosexual lover of Slobodan Milošević and has a secret collection of Nazi memorabilia in his attic that he wears on Jewish holidays -- since we know it, we can sell it as the absolute truth and claim that it's journalism. That's Rush.

You can't beat it.


  1. Capt. Fogg,

    I posted on this on my blog. But I didn't come close to what you created here. I'm am truly in awe.

    Rush is a particularly rancid PoS; and when he used the phrase "...this little boy in college...", with reference to Mr. Obama, he knew exactly what he was doing.

    The good news is that a minority of Americans listen to this undereducated, overfed race-baiter.

    But it still feels good to expose the windbigot for what he is.

  2. As far as I can tell, people who like this blowhard won't be fazed by any of it. They wouldn't recognize a passel of facts if it were a pack of famished velociraptors gnawing at their innards: they respond only to domineering posturing and vulgar attitude masquerading as folk wisdom because they wish they could be that way and talk that way, too. But they can't, of course.

    The key seems to be always to sound like you're absolutely convinced of the wisdom and veracity of everything you say -- if you can do that in a broadcaster's voice (and manage to sound as if others are victimizing you and trying to silence you--that always helps), millions will follow you to the ends of the earth. And the sky's the limit on your income.

  3. The Principia Mathematica be damned! Lord High Pigshit Limbaugh's found a new basis for logic and axiomatic foundations: insanity.

    Of course, he's right. Humor must have a grain of truth to it for it to work, but what he fails to understand is that in this case the truth isn't in the content of the thesis paper, but in in how readily anti-Obama people are to discredit him at the expense of of discrediting or validating the source first. Yes, it's funny how easily manipulated they are due to their intense hatred--they'll grasp at anything.

  4. Sorry for all of the needlessly repetitious wording. I don't know what happened.

  5. "a pack of famished velociraptors gnawing at their innards"

    I'd like to think even a scavenger wouldn't stoop so low.

    It's ironic though that they're trying to convince minorities that they're not racist by posting a whole page of notable Black people who, they claim, are Republicans as though the GOP hadn't cut off its liberal roots a hundred years ago and as though people who post things like the chicken poster weren't all Republicans and as though the GOP ever chastised them or denounced them or ever supported any measure to combat racism - unless it's that "racism against whites" they pretend exists.


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