Monday, October 5, 2009


Internet predators and trolls are known to have a callous disregard for fellow human beings. They troll for sport, amusement, and narcissistic gratification. They use these forums as billboards for graffiti, name-calling, off-topic rants, taunts, and the cyberspace equivalent of road rage. Some predators sink to the level of sadism.

One of our beloved writers, Shaw Kenawe of Progressive Eruptions, has just been diagnosed with cancer. This is her second bout in as many years. She survived a previous bout … without health insurance.

Not merely this recurrence, Shaw has suffered other setbacks as well. Earlier this year, her sister passed away. She worries about another family member who is gravely ill. All told, this has been a very tough year for Shaw.

Understandably, she supports healthcare reform among other liberal causes … sentiments that have turned her into a magnet for attacks by right wing predators. Not just any attack, but low, vile, cowardly, sexist attacks such as this from a blogger who calls himself bluepitbull:

Friday, October 2, 2009
Progressive Eruptions, the reality

I've finally figured it out. I thought there was much more to Progressive Eruptions. Perhaps hallucinogens and Pink floyd. But here it is:

Progressive Eruptions is one natural, eternal orgasm for Shaw Kenawe dedicated to obama. Her obsession with him and her apologies are indicative of this …

She would be all over Barney Frank (she loves the accent), but I think she still has enough of an attachment to the real world to know that she is not his type.

Posted by bluepitbull at 3:25 PM

Whether or not bluepitbull knows about her travails is quite beside the point. Any would-be cyber-bully or troll would be wiser to think before they flame. Bloggers are not nameless, faceless objects for shameless stereotyping, but caring people who live, work, pay taxes, contribute to the common good, and suffer the same problems of living as the rest of humanity … regardless of party, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Bluepitbull is not merely a predator, but a serial predator. He has subjected Shaw to a pervasive pattern of harassment here, here, and here. How low can a he go!

So bluepitbull, unmanly coward that you are, the time is long overdue to clean up your act, apologize to Shaw, and stop the sadistic and sexist cyber-bullying … NOW!

And please, everyone who visits, leave a kind word of support for Shaw and best wishes for her recovery.


  1. First of all, my thoughts are with Shaw: I wish you strength and good health news, soon, in this new ordeal.

    Second, an army vet who is so terribly thin-skinned that he has to unload his rage on a woman, and, what's more, make it a theme of his blog... Shame. And sad. Seems to me a conduct unbecoming of a retired (and not) military man.

  2. The capacity for human beings to be vile towards each other knows no bounds - forever shocking.

    Shaw - I am so very sorry and wish you better times ahead. I can not imagine how you must feel in the face of all Octopus recounted. Remember - this troll doesn't matter. Trolls never do though they are oh so desperate to matter and be relevant. They are aren't. He isn't.

    My thoughts are with you, Shaw.

  3. Shaw, first to you...I want you to know that you come first to me! You are always in my thoughts and prayers and if you need anything just ask: I am more than willing and have done so in the past to drop everything for a fellow human being!

    In regards to Bluepitbull and his cyber buddies, well I had a post all ready to go yesterday but I held back to get Shaw's approval before posting because I did not want to start anymore trouble for her.

    Now I am glad I held back for Shaw's sake. There will be another day for Bluepitbull and truthfully, the level of his posts and those of his malcontent minions who chirp, "Yeah, BPB" really are not anywhere near the same league as Shaw!

    Take care Shaw! If you need anything just ask!

  4. Interesting. A little research is in order...

    (Hint: they can dish it out but they can't take it.)

  5. Shaw has become a dear friend of mind, online and off. I know the true "Shaw" and she is an amazing and wonderful person. Shaw emailed me regarding this and I told her that I was frankly disgusted with what was posted over there and said so. I don't imagine my comment at BPB was liked anymore than TAO or Gordons. I haven't been back since to find out.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers although I think you knew that! :-)

    You have my support, and anything you need please feel free to ask!!

    I honestly don't understand it, because of all people, he should have known how it feels to be maligned. (Time)

    Please try and ignore that post. We have your back, and we support and care for you.


  6. Mr. Pitbull is an Ayn Rand cultist.

  7. He's into conservative sci-fi and "alternate history" fiction.

    In my experience, anyone who cites Flatland as a favorite novel has never actually read it.

  8. My thoughts are with you as well, Shaw. There's no justification for taking political disagreements to the level of personal attacks.

    BluePitbull, if you want to try bullying someone, bring it on. I've bitch slapped more intelligent and reasonable people than the likes of you. You'd barely warm me up, you cowardly bastard.

  9. Shaw:

    I'm wishing you all the good wishes and thoughts I have to get through this with great aplomb, and your usual classy style :)

    As for bpb... I leave him to his karma.

  10. Shaw, know we are with you in this.

    BPB, you've already seen my thoughts.


  11. I, like Jennifer, am in contact with Shaw. We’ve become very good friends. She is a wonderful woman. She was also there for me during my time of need! And while she was going through her own problems! THAT IS A FRIEND!

    I left a comment at Blue’s blog requesting that he delete the post. I believe Blue will do the honorable thing and delete it.

  12. We're with you Shaw.

    Certain people are going overboard, and taking the wrong things too seriously.

  13. I've opened up to Shaw how I feel about her through a few email exchanges. My daughters are like Shaw in many ways. I'm very proud of that. My wife and I must have done something right as parents.

    You've touched every one of Shaw. Thanks.

  14. Here's wishing Shaw great strength and the support of everyone around her in a time of difficulty. You are in our thoughts.

  15. BPB has indeed removed the post. I merely checked in there without comment as it has long been my personal preference to not engage in trollish antics.
    To Shaw I want to also add my wish for you to have a good outcome and be of good spirit. You will be in my thoughts - big hugs.

  16. Shaw and I spar from time to time, but I have respect for her views. Nobody deserves to be attacked, especially in the way that is happening to her. I wish her well.

  17. I wish Shaw a speedy and complete recovery and for all of the ugliness and tragedy in her life, and in the lives of her friends and loved ones, to recede into oblivion.

  18. Thank you all for your kind, encouraging sentiments.

    I allowed (O)CT(O)PUS to reveal the very personal information about my health because, at long last, we in the blogging community need to stand against mean-spirited, humiliating personal attacks on fellow bloggers that serve no purpose other than to wound and degrade a fellow human being.

    We can disagree and engage in strong, even passionate debate, but name-calling, smearing, and other forms of hate-speech add nothing to our conversation, and that tactic ultimately demeans those who use it.

    The bloggers and commenters who expressed their good wishes here at The Swash Zone and through personal emails to me have been immensely supportive and kind, and for that I am grateful.

    The professionals at Massachusetts General Hospital, in whose most competent hands I will be over the next few months, have assured me of a good outcome.

    A very special thank you to a very special cephalopod for helping me deal with this issue.

    Allow me to end this thank you on a very important bit of advice: Have those preventative tests, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc. Early detection saves lives.

  19. Take care Shaw. You do good work here in the blogosphere.

    A friend of mine, gastroenterologist, gave me a colonoscopy for my 50th b'day. A thoughtful gift indeed. But the thing is the drugs they used for the procedure were amazing. I was unable to persuade him to adopt an aggressive approach and bring me in once a month...

  20. Let me extend my sympathies to Shaw. I can't relate 100 percent right now, but I see the day coming that I will. I have no insurance and a pre-existing condition - a disease that is (very) slowly progressing. Eventually I'm certain I'll have no choice but to seek medical care.

    I've often wondered what happens exactly if someone shows up in an emergency room without insurance and an inability to pay (and they need CONTINUING treatment). I'm sure they don't simply take your word for it and cancel the bill.

  21. "Mr. Pitbull is an Ayn Rand cultist."

    Really? I hadn't heard.

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