Thursday, March 25, 2010


I hope Obama fails,” spoke Rush Limbaugh four days before the inauguration of President Obama. “We want to promote failure, we want to promote incompetence …

These words spoken by a radio hack gave the Grand Obstructionist Party what it needed most: A strategy to hijack the election by sabotaging our new President. Within months, the GOP unleashed a barrage of daily attacks (source):
First, it started with the Birthers, those who sought to undermine the legitimacy of a newly elected President with fabricated conspiracy theories about the authenticity of his birth certificate and the legality of his presidency.

Next came the Tea Baggers, followed by the town hall hooligans, followed by gun-toting thugs at presidential rallies, followed by GOP Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst of “Liar!” before a special session of Congress, followed by GOP Congresswomen Michelle Bachmann calling for armed resistance against Obama’s legislative agenda, followed by GOP Congressman Trent Franks threatening a Birther lawsuit against Obama and calling him an “enemy of humanity,” followed by GOP Governor Rick Perry calling for Texas to secede from the union, followed by Newsmax columnist John Perry dreaming of a military coup against President Obama, followed by a FaceBook poll asking: “Should Obama be killed?”

For months, we have heard the repeating rhythms of Obama the Communist, Obama the Socialist, Obama the Islamofascist, Obama the Jihadist … and the steady and relentless drumbeats of a GOP run amuck driving us towards civil disorder and insurrection.
One year and four months later, the Grand Obstructionist Party has brought us to the brink. The party of ‘NO’ is blaming tea party rage on Democrats while ignoring the fact that former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey organized the tea party movement as an Astroturf event, which the GOP exploits at every opportunity ... and the party of ‘NO’ is refusing to be held accountable for what it unleashed.  Here is a snapshot of incidents within the past week alone:

The climate of intimidation and fear exploited by the GOP is pervasive and pernicious. Earlier this evening, I read this comment at the Huffington Post:
Many of you have seen the video I did with my husband the Gulf War vet on the medical situation we found ourselves in. What I didn't say is that the two founding members of the Coffee Party are now living away from their home and going under assumed names since they have had their home address and phone numbers posted on right-wing sites ... in a addition to receiving death threats.
Out of curiosity, I visited the website of Fox News to read their version of these events. It wasn’t their spin on the story that caught my attention, but these readers’ comments:
pantherhunter - Will you stand, will you fight (...) the only way to deter Social___ism [sic] is by force (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 9:00 PM).

lightningtom00 - The only good politicians is [sic] one 6 feet under (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 8:44 PM).

golf67 - bring on the civil war, ive [sic] got my guns and my church (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 8:40 PM).

e5dra5 - The only way America can be what it's meant to be is to be rid of the Dems entirely (…) ONE VOTE, ONE PARTY (REPUBLICAN), ONE AMERICA (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 7:55 PM).

leftiswrong - These traitors to the constitution have committed a severe crime (…) Time for the populace to push back.  If somebody dies in the process, oh well...... (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 7:37 PM).

irocthisgt67 - I do beleive [sic] that violence may need to be used to get these scum bags out of our country (...) Death to them all (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 4:48 PM).

yellowduke - Perhaps if a dozen or so of the threats were carried out their hearing may improve. Dust a dozen of them (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 6:17 PM).
Outrageous and shocking! In the interest of fairness and balance, not all comments at the website of Fox News were as inflammatory as the above. There was also this:
bobloblaw - Good job Fox. You give right-wing nut jobs a platform to spread lies and hate. Then when things like this happen you get a story and say I told you so. The FBI should investigate not only these nuts. They should also start taking a good look at Beck and company (Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 5:04 PM).
Yes, by all means, investigate Glenn Beck; but don't forget Dick Armey, Minority Leader John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, and the other GOP skinheads who have exploited hatred and violence for political gain and brought us to the edge of anarchy.  And do it now before there is blood in the streets.


  1. We are witnessing the rise of the 21st century hooligan.

    Their goal is not only the destruction of democrats and liberalism but also DEMOCRACY.

    They paint themselves as patriots but the reality is they are nothing more than SA Stormtroopers.

    I have linked to this post!

  2. Irony died a long time ago.

    The radicals of the GOP and their enablers, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and Palin, say they've organized to "take back their country" while advocating sedition and inciting violence against the US government.

    I can't count how many times these idiots slobber over the loss of "their" country while forgetting that 16 months ago a verty large majority of Americans voted Mr. Obama and his health care promise into office.

    Now the meme is that Mr. Obama is the most polarizing president in our history--forgetting their part in the polarizing and going along with the hate radio talkers who are the chief contriubute to the polarization.

    If there are any rational members left in the GOP, they need to take responsibility for their silence as an ignorant, irrational, violent mob takes over the Party of Lincoln.

  3. PS. I, too, have linked to this post.

  4. GOP? Responsibility? Irony can't be that dead.

    Canada has laws against such incitement to violence and some there thing it's terrible. I think incitement to commit any violent crime is a criminal act and that these bloggers asking for a Kristalnacht reprise are criminals as are the ones calling for murdering doctors, poisoning Supreme Court justices and the like.

    The Civil war isn't over and we haven't learned a damned thing from it.

  5. Here is another fuckwad announcing a ‘fatwah’ against all HCR supporters:

    Orange Country Pastor Wiley Drake fired off an email to his supporters this morning, telling them that all 219 Democrats have been placed on the “imprecatory prayer list.”

    In this newest email, Drake wrote: “It is time for the saints to step up and get back in the war, between good and evil. See what God says the saints are to do in this battle.” He then quotes from Psalm 149:7 “To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people.”

    Mighty Christian of him. I guess “love thy neighbor” doesn’t fit his brand of crackpot theology.

  6. Yes, it is disturbing -- on a gleeful note, I must say I'm rather pleased with old Harry R and Nancy P these days -- they've taken a lot of flak for at times seeming to fit into the Onion-Press style "Don't worry, we Dems will find SOME way to muck it all up and lose" stereotype, but lately they've shown real spirit and determination. House Dems marched right thru many a nasty protester the other day, and Senate Dems have seen the transparently stupid ploys of the Repubs for exactly what they are. Way to go, all y'all!

    Now, I hope that having written this and stuck my neck out, I don't wake up to some headline tomorrow like, "Senate Parliamentarian declares entire bill invalid after Mitch McConnell points out extra white space between last word of long prepositional phrase and succeeding comma. Nation descends into anarchy." I also hope I haven't just given Mitch an idea there. Shush! Stupid prattling dino! Get the broom!

  7. After cooking up two "procedural errors" the cork soakers forced the house to vote all over again, just as they had Obama recite the oath of office twice.

    April 12th is the anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumpter by the ancestors of this "conservative movement" Any bets on them marking it with some demonstration?

  8. Capt. Fogg,

    Yes, had heard about that cork-soaker parliamentarianist work of genius -- genius, I tells ya, sheer genius!

    As for April 12th, I wouldn't bet the farm (or the Jurassic Park) against it -- the pointy-heads are always looking for some such date.

  9. Republicans are washing their hands off the responsibility for hate attacks this week.

    Why, they go even further and -- guess what? -- blame Democrats for them:

    House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia blasted Democratic leaders for what he said was "reprehensible" exploitation of the incidents for their political gain. He called out Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who heads the Democratic National Committee, for "dangerously fanning the flames" of violent confrontation. Cantor said no one was condoning violence, but the GOP was not to blame.

    Typical. The whiny libruls are just like them Jews in 1930's Europe. First, they brought it on themselves by all that dangerous fanning of the flames (like breathing and trying to live decent lives in peace -- gosh, they had it coming), and then they used a perfectly understandable response of their non-Jewish oppress... I mean, neighbors, to reprehensibly exploit the incidents (you know, the Holocaust) for their political gain. Such tactics are patently unfair, just ask any right-winger.


    P.S. Octo, can I steal your post for my blog?

  10. Captain 'n all, there is a major gun lovers demonstration planned in D.C. on April 19 -- the Second Amendment March. The purpose of it, or one of several, is to tell Barack Hussein Obama to keep his greedy commie-nazi hands off our precious weapons (because, as you well know, taking our guns away is Obama's priority -- or one of many).

    Bringing your legally owned guns, while not condoned, is expected, from what I hear.

  11. Elizabeth - P.S. Octo, can I steal your post for my blog?

    Please do. Absolutely! It is in our best interests to spread this story as far and wide as possible ... and express our utter and complete outrage.

    Other readers: Please feel free to do the same.

  12. There is so much here to be outraged about and disgusted with, one hardly knows where to begin.
    My brain aches with the constant onslaught of hatred and stupidity and evil intent.

  13. The right doesn't see the corner into which it has painted itself. In fact, they think the corner is some kind of defensive position from which they can retake the halls of power. The Grand Old Party is oblivious to the very real danger that someone will act on their rhetoric. They've forgotten what happened after the OK City bombing, when America lost patience with right-wingers clinging to guns and muttering about creeping socialism. I'm not sure anything short of blood in the streets CAN wake them up -- the American Enterprise Institute fired David Frum today for the crime of second-guessing obstructionist tactics in health care reform.

  14. Ah yes, April 19th, the day that psychotic child molester and Christian terrorist calling himself Koresh murdered his followers.

    The day right wing extremist Christian terrorists blew up the Murrah Federal building, killing innocent men, women and children.

    That's their day - their special day to parade around celebrating terrorism against innocent Americans and stirring up the ghosts of their terrorist forefathers from the American South.

    And the stupid toothless ignorant blowhards think they're the only ones with guns. Go ahead, mortar forkers - make my day.

  15. Mortar forkers? Do they have their own union? ;)

  16. More examples of the left spewing hatred for anything that does not agree with their bankrupt philosophies.

    For 40 years I have witnessed the modern left as the most intolerant and closed minded of the species we call homo sapiens.

    I thank Chairman Tao for sending me here to once again confirm the accuracy of my long held premise.

  17. It seems the flame-throwers have arrived ... you know ... the ones who can't stand their own dirty laundry hanging in the front yard ... or to mix metaphors ... the vampires who can't stand their own reflections when held up to a mirror.

    Gotta go (I am cooking tonight for a party of 12). Have fun, fellow Swash Zoners.

  18. LOL! Rational Nation, you're a hoot! Totally not rational, but a hoot anyway~

  19. I think Rational's comment was meant as satire... right?

    Octo, The Last Supper?

  20. We are serving Mrs. Lovett's Republican pies.

  21. Your Octopus buddy sent me over here, to check this post out, damn upsetting reading from Rupert Murdoch's boys.

    That's the new Republican base, anybody who watches Fox News and nods approvingly. Something is gonna go BANG pretty soon.

  22. Rational my ass, but even his name is from the play book. Just issue proclamations completely at odds with; diametrically opposed to reality -- and repeat endlessly in response to any challenge or explanation or contrary proof.

    Oooooh - 40 years of observation. that means he didn't witness the tolerance of the south and the murders of liberals by the apes he associates with. Well yes, I'm intolerant as hell of hatred, racism, fundamentalism and all the other retrograde Confederate slogans he spouts. 'Tis true, the Union wasn't very tolerant of you, was it, Billy Bob?

    I'm really tired of the idiocy behind the "liberals are this that and the other thing" symphony without end, since if they were they wouldn't be Liberals, but there's the beating heart of the problem and we have to face the fact than only a third of people can in the loosest manner possible be called intelligent and perhaps two percent are really smart.

    They know it. They hate it. They can't accept it, so they join some belief based cabal and spend their nasty lives trying to sound condescending from the bottom of that deep, deep well of stupid, echoing with the words of Rush and Palin and Beck.

  23. Octo! I'm going to link to this post. Conservatives are Terrorists and they evil violent tactics must be called out.

  24. Sorry Gene, you must be a third grade graduate to post here. Being a terrorist is antithetical to being a conservative and if you'd made it to the fourth grade you might have observed that virtually all of the folks calling themselves that, and you in particular -- aren't. Learn English, seƱor, or get outta here.

    So your little attempt at sarcasm here falls on cynical ears: cynical we are but extremely well armed and prepared to do what it takes to wrest America away from the idiots.

    Keep looking over your shoulder.


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