Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big top

The Republicans sometimes like to talk about their big tent. Others, in consideration of the exploits and shenanigans of the party of values and families and apple pie may think it's more like a freak show tent, but we shall see soon enough which kind of tent the Donna Milo show winds up in.

Cuban born, 48 year old "Conservative" Republican Ms. Milo is running to unseat rather liberal Broward County Florida U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yes, Miami Cuban Republicans are pretty numerous and at first glance one who didn't know that Ms. Milo used to be a Mr. Milo, whose friends called him Ed, wouldn't think anything was out of the ordinary.

Donna Milo is a person who prides herself in getting to where she is by her personal ability and in spite of her differentness -- not like those who we support with our tax money or special favors to Cuban immigrants, perhaps. Will that differentness matter more to the GOP than the traditional Republican attitudes she publicly displays?

It remains to be seen whether the party so traditionally inimical to the rights of gay, lesbian and transgendered people -- their agenda -- as they so often phrase it, will welcome her into the three ring big top with the other anti-Castro, pro-corporate liberal-bashing Miami paranoids or ushered out the side door.


  1. I can much appreciate and respect the transgender Donna Milo, but I cannot respect the Republican Donna Milo. Besides, the grey pallor and prehensile proboscis clashes with the shoes and handbag.

  2. Boy are these people confronted with a moral dilemma. They are going to have to make some really hard choices here: who do they hate more, Democrats or transgendered people.

    Normally I would think that transgendered people would win that one hands down, but as dumb as they are, Republican voters have five months to remember that drag queens CAN'T RAISE THEIR TAXES! Boy, this election is gong to be a nail-biter.

  3. Republican identity has been forced into an inflexible mold...a carapace, if you will. Inflexibility is so hard to maintain. Forces from the outside and forces from the inside are pushing away at the rigid boundaries. Donna Milo's story is a fascinating test case. Thanks, Captain, for the pointer; I've got to watch this story unfold!

  4. There's something odd, I think, about a transgendered conservative; seeing as the process is a bit - um -- progressive

    But of course the word means nothing any more and is just a large catch basin for all sorts of angry misfits who want to be protected in their fantasies and don't much care who suffers for it.

    It illustrates that being an outcast or a victim of injustice and small mindedness doesn't necessarily make one virtuous or keep one from being part of that injustice.


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