Friday, September 3, 2010


A scrapbook by Octopus

A hat tip to Elizabeth for bringing this article to our attention: COVERT OPERATIONS, about the secretive Koch brothers who are the money behind numerous far right wing causes. Highly recommended reading.


  1. Is that Beck dressed up as Cthulhu, or did you pose for that picture?

  2. Me before morning shower and coffee. Yawn! Stretch!

  3. Capt. what happened to your post on Hawking? I just left a comment on it and not only did my comment disappear, but so did your post.

  4. Nevermind. Blogger's acting like it's a black hole.

  5. This blog is never a black hole, Shaw; it's a compost pile from which new life comes springs for burned out political bloggers.

    (Ya'll can feel free to quote that pithy, puce metaphor.]

    LOVE the cartoons, Octo!


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