Thursday, March 3, 2011

Class Warfare

Number of teachers in New Jersey:

Number of millionaires in New Jersey:

NJ governor thinks the NJEA
(teachers' union) leeches off taxpayers.


  1. Silly liberal you. You know the reason that corporate tax revenues are so low is that personal and corporate tax rates are so high and of course teachers don't produce revenue for taxpayers. The test of worth is profitability.

    Now,if you ran schools like a business and charged tuition and payed dividends to stockholders and fired all but the most profitable students, everything would be all right in New Jersey and Jesus would return smiling any day now to send the Liberals to the lake of fire.

    Or maybe we should just shut the whole thing down in the name of personal and parental responsibility. Educate your own damn kids! After all, an ignorant population is a profitable thing in and of itself.

  2. Chris Christie, the new darling of the right, is an (expletive deleted) who is trying to balance his state's budget by shrinking the middle class and screwing the poor, just like every other Republican is trying to do now. But I say: TAX THE RICH! FEED THE POOR! And to hell with tax cuts for corporations and the rich!

  3. That's right, Cap'n. Where in the Constitution does it say we have to provide free education for everyone? Only the rich need an education. The rest just need to do what they are told.

  4. What a F***ing horror! Good post. Bad drift...

  5. every society functions better
    if there are more millionaires
    than teachers.

    millionaires are created
    in a vacuum while teachers
    are made by tenacity, then
    forged in the fires of hell

    vacuums are cheap
    forges are priceless!!


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