Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Which old witch?  The Wicked Witch!

R.I.P. Tony.  Good timing buddy-boy.


  1. Scalia's most important case, the one he ramrodded to 5-4 and the sole presidential election decided by nine judges will long be remembered.
    "one thing ... is certain. Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's Presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the Nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law." -Justice Brewer
    ..ding dong at last!

  2. Mitch McGridlock says the GOP will not confirm another Obama nominee to replace Skelsis Scalia. Crap! The body is still warm, and already the practitioners of the dark arts are threatening more obstruction. {Expletive deleted!]

  3. Shutting down the government just for laughs is one thing. Sure it's a hoot to risk downgrading the faith and credit of the U.S. Treasury by playing politics with the debt ceiling. All in good fun from the republican perspective. But the idea of taking away the decision power one of the three co-equal branches of our government, i.e. the Supreme Court, in all honesty is just about as unconstitutional as it gets, if indeed there is any meaning whatsoever attached to the word constitutional. To deliberately sabotage the SCOTUS circumvents the most important and basic powers outlined in the constitution.

    OTOH, with many 4-4 deadlocked decisions waiting in the wings, this means that the lower court rulings, which to my knowledge have skewed in recent times much more towards the liberal elements of U.S. jurisprudence, will stand as law. This would include challenges by ALEC and the NRA to common sense gun control laws passed by local governments. These decisions may be revisited some time in the future, but will in the very least be postponed by more than one year.

    Similarly, the conservative side of judicial activism will be effectively stopped dead in its tracks without their favorite champion. Whatever happens, the republicans lose big on this for the present. If they are perceived as taking a hostile stance against confirming a good nominee, this could hurt their chances in the presidential contest.

  4. Well it's one of the best birthday presents I could have wished for and to those who tell me we should respect his achievements and his brilliant intellect, it's a good day to kiss my birthday ass. Oh, yes, he's brilliant, say the word grinders on CNN - Same idiots who told us Ben Carson is brilliant and Reagan was a great president.

    Yes, I think you're right, refusing to do their job in good faith by judging an appointee on his merits is in my opinion, an act of open rebellion. In fact Congress has been engaging in a cold Civil War for years obfuscation, dereliction of duty and more filibusters than honest deliberations.

    This is Obama's biggest opportunity for lasting change and if these toads and trolls and demented religious freaks try to rob us of having a president who does the job he was elected to do, I think it's time to make the war a bit more open.

    I hope Scalia rots in hell. I hope the Republican party succumb to flesh eating bacteria. What a shame that a country who successfully fought against the worst evils in human history should succumb to babbling and seething idiots. Damn them all and the religion they rode in on.

  5. I personally find nor take pleasure in the death of anyone. Whether their views align with my own or not. I wonder what the reaction or the left will be when a leftist judge leaves this earth and the right expresses glee.

    Maybe it is just me.

    1. No, it's not just you. I think your moral position is right, but when it comes to people I think are simply evil, I'm too fallible not to be glad he's gone.

  6. I personally find nor take pleasure in the death of anyone.

    Agreed. Speaking only for myself, and no one else, I hope my own comment did not come across as offensive.

    What angers me: Virtually within nanoseconds after the death of Scalia, Senate Republicans announced intentions to block any nominee put forth by Obama. Biggest Constitutional hypocrites of all, they have accused Obama of violating the Constitution, then turn around and violate the Constitution by rewriting the language of the Constitution. The President nominates, the Senate confirms … period! Where is other language establishing time limits or plebiscites as conditions for nominating a successor?

    Since day one of Obama’s presidency, the GOP has defamed him, denounced him, and neutralized him — with covert racism, with references to ‘the Manchurian candidate from Kenya’ and ‘the closet Muslim in the White House.’ Despite two decisive election victories won by Obama, the GOP treated him as an illegitimate usurper.

    Republicans do not respect democracy nor our institutions of government. They conduct themselves as an insurrection party, holding our legislative branch hostage with deadlock and gridlock, with filibusters, hostage taking, and government shutdowns. They treat public debates — not as a CONTEST between competing visions — but as a CONQUEST, an act of war to be won at all cost through the use of deception, defamation, derision, demagoguery, appeals to prejudice, xenophobia, bullying and outright lies.

    Antonin Scalia gave ultra-reactionary wingers the legal cover to reverse decades of progress in civil rights, equal rights, voting rights, and social justice. Often belligerent and ultra self-righteous himself, Scalia politicized an institution that is supposed to be above politics and brought ugliness to the judiciary.

  7. I wonder what Scalia himself would have to say about McConnell and the republicans plan to block any Obama nomination to replace him. Being the constitutional scholar and strict constructionist that he was I think I know.

    Regardless of the outcome the next president will likely have the opportunities to make more than one appointment. Thus flpping the court.

    As we wait and watch.

  8. World Nut Daily says "the horrid reaction and comments about his death expressed by many liberals online illustrate that Scalia was hated by many people". Horrid comments concerning a horrid person (one with so much power) might have been expected I think. FYI, there is speculation on the Right regarding Scalia having been murdered!

  9. I wonder if we should call it speculation when in fact cooking up fables about Obama being behind everything including the weather are completely automatic. This once came out literally within hours, if not sooner.

  10. RN,
    Of course I shouldn’t celebrate the death of a fellow American. Surely I was malicious and pernicious in authoring this post. But on another level, he was a great commander for the enemy. For there is class warfare in our nation, as the right so often decries. Yet it is those in power who seek to keep the down-trodden in their current estate. It is those with the material wealth and political power that seek to thwart more power and resources being allotted to the common man and the hard-working woman. I am talking about the Salt of the Earth. That does not need to be a Christian belief. We all know whom are the hard-working people, the common foot soldiers. These are the people that republicans deem to be of lesser worth due to their lesser financial stature. These are the people that republicans are okay with not having health insurance, not having paid sick leave, not having access to women’s healthcare, not having a decent minimum wage or at the very least, an increase in the minimum wage. Ted Cruz thinks that Obamacare is a bad idea because his father would not have been able to get a job as a dishwasher in the 1950s for Obamacare. This is true warfare. It’s winner takes all as far as the republicans are concerned. There are casualties, deaths, blood, poverty and squalor. OTOH, there are trips to Scotland, vacation homes, Neiman-Marcus charge accounts etc.
    It’s simply obscene to think about. Republicans think that if poor people weren’t so lazy, they could quickly overcome generational poverty although they do not support publicly funded education. Witness the scoffing from the baby boomers at Bernie Sanders’ hopelessly idealistic campaign.
    Yes, Scalia was an enemy. As much as General Tojo or Saddam Hussein. Not just an opponent like Bob Dole or GHWB. If the Axis powers had managed to kill General Patton or General MacArthur. If the Allies had killed Rommel. It is a victory. Nothing more. Not a cause for celebration.
    If for nothing more than the Citizens United decision, Scalia was a true enemy of the people.

  11. I understand your position with respect to republicans, the oligarchs, and the plutocrats who, because of their political and economic power have the ability to structure the economy so as to benefit their own interests. It goes back over 100 years and is why I am not a fan of the Fed, Period, all said and done.

    Scalia was human with family and loved ones that surely are grieving his untimely and sudden death. Just as we would be doing were one of our loved ones to be taken suddenly. I find the reaction by some on the left to as heartless as the left views many on the right to be. I've simply had enough of it.

    Focus on the idiots that are still alive and pledging to obstruct any nomination by the President Obama out of spitefulness and political calculation. Hammer the bastards that ignore the constitution and mock them for their dishonesty and r hypocrisy. That is perfectly fair game and I support it totally. But leave the dead out of it. Hate will not overturn CU. Getting impartial individuals that ignore special interest in favor of right and equitable principle will.


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