Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In the Beginning

In the beginning was the lie and the lie became Trump.

'verum est falsum' will replace e pluribus unum on the new coinage of Great Again America. What's true is false. And no one does it better than our new ruling party. Am I joking? Being facetious or is it true? emails, Benghazi and Clinton one told a lie both sides are just as bad, it's all illusion.

Notice how pointed questions of why it isn't perjury to lie under oath begin to pixillate and blur within moments as the center drifts to discussions of how many people talk to ambassadors every day and after all when he said no, yes is almost the same thing because it was a conversation about something else and wasn't that Obama from Kenya after all?

A reporter's question about why we need to investigate something for which there is no evidence or even a suggestion of it, becomes a discussion of FISA courts and the lying press and all the things Obama did that Republicans found threatening.

Enough of this dastardly distraction and diversion and doubletalk. Sessions lied under oath twice and unequivocally and it's perjury and it's a felony not an innocent mistake. There is no evidence that President Obama in anyway instigated a wiretap of Candidate Trump's telephones and those who would absolutely know if he did are denying it. Making such accusations without evidence should be actionable and is not presidential and if it's unpatriotic and "Liberal" to question the president (pace Mr. Miller) it's revolution time. It's throw the bastards out *today time, tar, feathers and all.

Apparently any evidence against Trump & Co. from money laundering for Russian Crooks and Iranian Mullahs to rape and assault and fraud and enough civil liabilities to fill a thousand courtrooms is written in smoke and it dissipates as you watch. What is never was, and what never was will always be, blessed be the lie et in saecula saeculorum amen.


  1. In the beginning was the word ... spoken by a turd. How I utterly despise this lying sack of shit. But who should I despise more? The sack of shit himself? Or the party that enables it, refuses to clean up after their own excrement, and refuses to fulfill it's constitutional obligation to serve as a check against tyranny?

    The country is broken. Broken by a rogue GOP. I hate this place!

  2. Hate can destroy all it comes into contact with. But, not always and certainly to different degrees. But, It can destroy the self if left unchecked. And, it usually does.

    I despise Trump as much as anyone and I also despise what the GOP has morphed into. But somehow I just can't allow myself to spiral into full blown hate. It would make me no better than them.

    Yeah, I know hate is a synonym for despise, but I believe it a poor one. There are other much better ones. To wit, detest · loathe · abhor · execrate · deplore · dislike · scorn · disdain · look down on · deride · sneer at · revile · spurn · shun · abominate · contemn

    1. It's eating me up alive, you're absolutely right, but I don't know how to handle it quietly.

  3. I never despised a living person as much as I despise #45. He's the vilest sack of excrement in the human universe.


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