Thursday, March 16, 2017

Page Views by Country

Here are page view statistics for the Swash Zone, March 6 through 10, 2017:

United States 1,634
Russia 1,611
Croatia 441
United Kingdom 16
South Korea 14
China 11
Germany 11

Why are page views from Russia almost on a par with those in the USA?  What can possibly interest them?  Have they never seen a talking (O)CT(O)PUS before?


  1. This is a hot topic today. As evidenced, here and here.

    But tell me this, are these visitors completely silent? Have they dared to leave comments? Who are their favorite posters? I don't doubt that subversive, Fogg, has certainly riled their antennae.

    This is very strange. Over at the Field Negro, I recently challenged my favorite racist, Breitbart-spouting troll, Josh, to verify that he was an American citizen. He was able to convince me that he, indeed, was an American. These guys, and very likely women, are certainly clever enough to pass for citizens.

    This is scary, dangerous stuff.

  2. I call it the "hammer strikes thumb" test (self-explanatory), and its purpose is to measure the time it takes for a pain signal to reach the brain and elicit an "ouch" response. Slam! Bang!

    Among smart progressives, the response time is virtually instantaneous. Among Trumpsters, the response time can be months, years, decades ... sometimes never. So I choose my FB friends on their ability to feel real-time pain. Otherwise, those slow dumbster types drive me bonkers and bring out my sadistic streak.

    Electoral College? SchlockWork Orange? RussiaGate? Wiretaps? Slam! Bang!

  3. Got a lot Russian interference on blogger. Nothing on WordPress. But over 2800 malicious attacks have been blocked in a month and a half. Russian? Don't now for sure. But I suspect it a possibility.

    Don't really care. Getting a bit tired of social media (almost never use it) and even blogging. Too much irrationality anymore.



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