Friday, July 28, 2017


“Obi Wan, weak mindedness is strong in this one.”

In the morning edition of our void and vapid tabloid, one letter writer tells us to “stop whining and support the president” (Bill Sances of Vero Beach, Florida). He speaks of “elite, whining, bleeding-heart liberals who seemingly dominate the letters section of this newspaper.”

If POTUS #45 says “jump off a bridge,” would Mr. Sances take his chances? He reminds me of the Jonestown mass suicide cult. For years, we witnessed Donald Trump’s own voice on videotape:

  • The self-worshipping egotist;
  • The deadbeat who failed to pay bills and wages;
  • The charlatan who operated a phony university;
  • The demagogue who fanned the flames of discord;
  • The bully who praises dictators and demands obedience;
  • The hypocrite who fills the swamp of nepotism.
Such soundbites would sink any candidate … unless your followers happen to be the Three Troglodytes of Hear No, See No, and Speak No Evil.

Trump’s secret to success is the motivated reasoning of his followers. They ignore his defects of character, filter only the evidence they want to hear, and willfully deceive themselves. In Jonestown, the diehard lemmings died hard. When a leader gaslights an entire nation, we get fascism.

Yes, Obi Wan. There are Sheeple everywhere who refuse to learn the lessons of history. Sheeple suckered by self-glorifying narcissists … from Il Duce to Pinochet … who brought entire nations to ruin.


  1. You should copyright tat title! But the lessons of history aren't there for people who have never read history and only know what they hear on Fox. Weimar? That's some kind of a dog, right?

  2. That's a grim lesson indeed. Being a student of Bach I usually associate Weimar with happier times when the youthful and delightfully musical Prince Johann Ernst was studying with Walther, befriending young Bach and travelling to Italy and France to collect music. Or Bach beating his musically dull pupils with a cane.

  3. Spare the rod and spoil the President!

  4. Pavlov was right about dogs but wrong about humans. You can condition a dog to salivate on cue; but once you remove the reward, the dog eventually loses interest and stops drooling. Humans drool endlessly, reward or no reward. Notice how they chose leaders who fail them, betray them, deceive them, and cheat them ... yet those sheeple keep on salivating over the same dumb reward that never comes.


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