Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump Gives White Nationalists the Legitimacy They Desire But Don’t Deserve…

Since our pretend pResident fully and unabashedly showed his true colors following the white supremacy gathering in Charlottesville, VA this weblog has remained silent. It will no longer do so.

Trump’s stunning lack of historical perspective, his obvious soft spot for white nationalism and the white supremacy movement is unprecedented. No former president of the modern era has ever filled the sails of the white nationalist and white supremacist ideology and movement as Trump has done. Disgraceful at best, evil and dangerous at its worst.

Trump deserves condemnation by all ethical and moral people, conservatives, moderates, progressives, democrats, republicans, democratic socialists, religious and non-religious folks alike. America defeated Nazism and white supremacy in the 40″s, or so we thought. The ugly head of this ideology and movement has raised once again, fed by the Trump administration. It must be resisted, defeated, and relegated to the dust bin of history once and for all.

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  1. I must confess that I underestimated the threat of a Trump presidency. Inasmuch as I instinctively opposed his policy proposals and completely loathed his odious personality I did not heed the warnings. I thought that he did not bother to disavow the support he received from the Klan and the Aryan Nation groups mostly because he just wanted to win this election. I thought that he suffered from a type of detachment syndrome where he was so wrapped up in his own narcissistic psyche and his catapulting ambition that it just wasn't part of his attention desk. But looking back the warning signs were very clear indeed. During his 2016 campaign, he played footsie with the KKK and confounded the press with his ridiculous statements about never having heard of David Duke or even not really understanding what the KKK and other hate groups had become in our contemporary society. His remarks on Mexicans were screaming racist/xenophobe/anti-immigration, but the only significant responses came from Mexico itself.

    Now that his unguarded anger has come out in his careless comments to the press in what was supposed to be a discussion of infrastructure projects, as if we didn't sense it already from the, "many sides," comment, we have irrefutable proof of exactly where he stands. Yet responses from the republican-controlled senate have been cautious at best. Not one prominent republican has had the backbone to take a strong stand condemning this language. It is no secret where Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stand on this issue. They were on the team plotting to destroy Obama in his first term so that he would never be re-elected. Republican governors might as well be carved in stone for all that they have said. Mike Pence is busily denying the obvious to anyone who will listen to his ridiculous defense of Trump and his scripted, "Racism is evil," speech.

    Everywhere is cover for this hideous man. Only democrats can afford the political fallout of opposing the god-emperor of the angry white nationalists. This is an extremely dangerous descent into fascism. Surely the only remedy at this point can be an epiphany of the American public at the polls in the mid-term elections next year. Trump's Ring Wraiths are busily attempting to disenfranchise American voters on a level never seen before. The new SCOTUS may completely obliterate the Voting Rights Act. Even Batman seems powerless to do very much about it.

  2. I am ready to take up arms ... real ones ... not soft tentacles lined with suckers. I'm livid!

  3. Well written, FG. I can only hope that crazy bastard will hang himself by alienating his party, but he's got a way to go. So do I. I can't decide where though - Costa Rica perhaps.

  4. Too bad you sold your boat. I had a lien on it ... with plans to commandeer it as the Ark of the Swash Zone. Now, you'll just have swim without dinosaur and cephalopod protection.


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