Friday, October 28, 2016

America's Evil Twin

OK, it's official. They've been telling me I hate America since the mid 1960's and it's never been true, until now. I hate America but please realize that I hate only one of the two. I hate the America where people scream about Mrs. Clinton approving of ripping "babies" out of their mother's womb two days before birth. I hate the America where people howl about how "those damn liberal Democrats" have ruined everything, where Trumps "boy talk" is just boy talk. I hate that America for a thousand reasons and ten times more and if you belong there, I hate you too.

Sitting in the hospital waiting room this morning waiting for a blood test and it's always a chore, not because I'm afraid of needles but because it's largely an elderly crowd and in Florida elderly often means mean. There was no Fox news on the TV this time, but one woman in her 70s, speaking to an older male companion volunteered that it was "only boy talk."  A day or two ago, before I had given up I might have replied. "are you talking about the boys in the juvenile home or the psych ward?"  But I didn't. It wouldn't do any good.

"well there's nobody lower down on the moral scale than the Marines and they all talk like that" says he. "but God bless the US Marines."  Sure, as long as they don't rape anyone or run for President, but what good does it do to argue people so far removed from decency, so devoid of intelligence and so damned stupid as to need me to explain it to them.

Someone on Facebook gets all kind of high fives for talking about "partial birth abortion" and Hillary Clinton. I didn't reply and for the reason, see above, but explaining to him that this was a term made up by Religio-Republican liars for Jesus, not doctors, would get nowhere with him or his crowd. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and blowhards gotta blow hard.

Approximately 0.2% of abortions are the D&X type: Dilate and Extract, where instead of "ripping" the cervix is dilated. It's done not as birth control, but in cases when the foetus is dead, or has no brain or is brain dead and delivering it normally would kill it and its mother. Liars for Jesus are not approachable and particularly not with facts.

Should I go on?  Why? It's hopeless. You can't fix stupid and fixing ignorant takes a willing patient.  I've yet to meet one. Call it the US of  idiocy, Call it Jesustan, call it what you like, it's here to stay while the other America withers away. It's too late. We could have done something, but once the brainless, the mentally unfit are born, it's too late because such people will take over and it will end badly.  I hate that America and its sad, sick history of genocide and persecution and superstition and bigotry. I hate the camo commandos with their fake military weapons and pea brains, the government haters, the civilization haters, the law haters who want to live alone in the jungle like orange haired Orangutans, dreaming about rape and Donald Trump. Do I think the other half could have done better?  Of course, but all the haters, baiters and masturbators with your Bibles and Trump signs can only lead us to war, famine pestilence and poverty.


  1. This is Five Star post. It sums up and verbalizes what I have been thinking for a long while.

  2. Every powerful nation (and empire) has ultimately crumbled and its power and influence blown away by the winds of time.

    We would be arrogant to think we would be different. Wouldn't we?

  3. Winds of time, winds of Trump, but I was hoping for a couple more years.

  4. As were many of us Captain. We cam only hope sanity ultimately prevails. It is however under a great and relentless onslaught.

  5. As were many of us Captain. We cam only hope sanity ultimately prevails. It is however under a great and relentless onslaught.

  6. Capt Fogg: if you belong there, I hate you too.

    Not me. BTW, agree with jadedj 100 percent. Unlike with your Sanders is a commie posts (the two I saw and commented on). Anyway, I voted for Bernie in the primary and just early-voted for Hillary in the General. Not that it matters where I live. Many deplorables and/or rubes (AKA Trump supporters) in TN.

  7. I don't think Sanders is a commie at all, nor is Obama who has been described that way for 8 years when they're not telling us he's in bed with the banks and wall street. I think Bernie had all kinds of visions for the future thta no president could bring about and may have been a bit vengeance minded for my taste, but I would have supported him. Certainly against the guy I think is the most dangerous man in American history.

    No political signs allowed in my gated community, which is good because I'd be tempted toward things I won't mention, but at this point I've lost hope. I don't think reason will prevail here any more than it would have prevailed right before any other collapse of civilization.

  8. Not all supporters of the Trumpocalypse are poor working stiffs. As you know, I live in a wealthy upscale beachside community of multi-million dollar estates — with Trump/Pence signs on their expansive front lawns. I have no sympathy for these people. These are the privileged one percenters motivated by greed and continued $$$ dominance.

    Another type of Trumpocalypse supporter is frankly the redneck-white trash segment who drive pickup trucks, terrorize drivers, run people off the road, and throw litter out their windows. Oppositional-defiant punks who respect nothing. They have lashed out angrily for decades, long before Trump. Hellbent on “sticking it” to the establishment, these are "road rage" voters … a malevolence with no taste for evidence.

    I blame the GOP for promoting this culture — their anti-government, anti-intellectual nihilism marked by legislative gridlock, deadlock, slowdowns and shutdowns. The “my-way-or-the-highway” bullies whose politics resemble a bad marriage to an abusive spouse. Who violate the boundaries of "yours" “mine," and "ours." Against whom the only remedy is a quickie DIVORCE!

  9. Octo: ...the redneck-white trash segment who drive pickup trucks, terrorize drivers, run people off the road, and throw litter out their windows.

    Some of these vehicles have truck nuts hanging from their tow hithches and drive around rolling coal. Personally, I've seen a truck driving around my neighborhood with a large Confederate flag waving from the back (similar to this).


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